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No Exit | by Jean Paul Sartre
Time out said "Overall No Exit is a dark, well-developed look at human emotion and relationships, raising the bar for English language theatre in Shanghai"


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By Mark Godden, Home Affairs Correspondent (Click to enlarge)

Vincent Cradeau, long-standing editor-in-chief of The Truth, is being held in close arrest by the Army having been apprehended at St Pancras International Eurostar Terminal in London last night.

The MoD has said that it will not provide comment at this time but confirmed that Cradeau, 42, of Islington, was remanded in custody at the military wing of HMP Pentonville, pending court martial.

Cradeau’s … Read More »

My Weekender- Estelle

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I am featured on this website!

An article about my weekend, and what I got up to. Click on the image.

Don’t judge me

My Facebook Page- Estelle

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Estelle here! I thought it would be fun to post my facebook page.

These were my last couple of posts before I left.  Not much use for it where I am now.

Mexico is too fun anyway

(Click photo to enlarge)

Tic-tock-tic-tock!- Inez

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I constantly keep thinking that a bomb is going to go off in the middle of my home. I can deal with her incessant jabber about the latest celebrity news,  neighborhood gossip, and ongoing childish drama, but her silence. Silence. I find it unnerving.  We keep discussing the repercussions….I constantly keep telling her something has to be done.

Clive quit his job and has made it his duty to show up … Read More »

I Am Free, Are You?- Cradeau

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Ah, War. Our old friend’s come back. No, it’s not inevitable, but the pre-war debating is, so now’s a good time to choose to look at it with a fresh view. Why not ask if you are responsible? Your voice is going to count this time.
I know it’s not very cool these days to talk about responsibility, it’s fashionable to say that the banks are responsible for the fact that … Read More »

A New Beginning- Inez

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I haven’t felt this exhilarated in all of my life. I’m happy…but this feeling, new feeling, is accompanied by slight feelings of guilt….enjoy the moment, right?

Happiness is only temporary. At least, for me. Study your history Inez. We moved into our new place yesterday. Florence loves decorating. I told her I don’t care what the color of the sheets are as long as she lies on top of them and … Read More »

No fiesta, but siesta in Espana- Estelle

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Just back from a week in Spain, Moraira. A lovely small village, pink flowers, secluded beaches, good seafood (lobster, I love it!!), a swimming pool overlooking the vineyards and a husband… who sleeps!

It started at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. I wanted to have a celebratory champagne, because we were finally on holiday. My husband has been very busy for the last two years. All I wanted from … Read More »