Gordi Buried City
Gordi Buried City
Gordi Buried City
Gordi Buried City

GORDI Buried City

Buried City  is an interactive 3D album experience.

Discover hidden sound bites via lost cassette tapes. Glowing orbs in each room transport you to a 360 performance space. Collect tokens to explore more secrets.

Visit the virtual merch room upstairs.

Eat a sandwich.

Featuring over 30 minutes of live 360 degree performances embedded, Gordi’s Buried City is an innovative multi-stage interactive 3D & 360 concert.

Buried City offers aimmersive album experience. Filmed at the beautifully restored multifaceted Melbourne venue, Le Bon Ton, the experience engulfs fans in a diorama carefully crafted to accompany Gordi’s performances and the mood captured by her latest album Our Two Skins. The experience features bespoke sound design by Gordi as well as a raft of hidden sound bites, demo recordings, spoken word pieces, background stories to songs.  You might like to eat a sandwich while up in  the top room, too. A virtual merch stand is open at the top of the building if your wallet is handy. Or if you need a new wallet.

Michael Beets
3D Models:
Megan Quan
3D Layot:
Nikita Westdorp