A live documentary
A live documentary
A live documentary
A live documentary

Those Left Waiting

Those Left Waiting The first global live online documentary co-directed and filmed by refugees, and edited in real time.

Refugee camps located in distant corners of the world (Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia) become connected for a shared moment in time, through an extraordinary moment of co-creation and revelation.

THOSE LEFT WAITING is a live experience unlike any other, one that allows refugees to gain control on how their stories are told, shining a light on the harsh realities they face on a daily basis.

A collaborative project allowing for the complexity of the subject matter to emerge as a unique symphony of images, voices, stories, and creative visions, simultaneously spanning geographical barriers and time zones.

Each THOSE LEFT WAITING stream is unfiltered, unmediated, unrepeatable, and materialises in the moment, making every live experience unique.

Michael Beets
Christian Pazzaglia