Live Horror Film
Live Horror Film
Live Horror Film
Live Horror Film

In the Shadow it Waits

Live Horror Film. In the Shadow it Waits is performed, shot and edited in real-time with actors performing from their own homes in different states across Australia. The audience is witnessing a film being made as they watch. 61 Scenes, 58 Camera Setups, and everything LIVE – this is definitely not a zoom call.


Premiering in the official selection at Raindance Film Festival 2020 and is currently touring the world (virtually).


A group of friends- stuck in lockdown- are confronted with a horrifying mystery as they fight to stay connected and safe in these ‘Unprecedented Times’. However, whilst they may not be able to get out, that doesn’t mean that something can’t get in.

Michael Beets
Michael Beets, Colin Hanna
Robert Pham, Emily O'Connor, Cezar Zamfir, Nalanie Wakita, S.C. Wilson, Vesella Karadjova